Monday, October 21, 2013

Introduction to a Lady of Questionable Sanity, and Facial Hair.

This is a blog, well Journal really... Of a plain and ordinary young lady residing in Australia trying, and struggling to achieve her many life goals.

Well this sounds depressing already.

I'm a pretty boring person, (aren't we all?) very tall, a massive geek about a lot of things... extremely weird, very loud, occasionally obnoxious and like to think of myself as sarcastic with a side of bitchy.

The posts that will reside here will consist of my complaints while I religiously search for a job. All so I can save precious money to travel the world... hopefully next year. (dreaming big, but it's a goal!)

And by world, I mean Europe... for now at least.

I even wrote a bucket list, which I may share with you. It's not that exciting and pretty ordinary, but I'm eager to get crossing things off!

So, this lovely place will most likely be a motivational place for me to just be a little more sporadic in life and also, share my creative things with whoever gets conned into reading this and the random thoughts inside my head... so apologies in advance.

Basically this is a lovely magical land where my boredom will bore everyone else either tears, or laughter... at me, and on those rare moments, with me.

So from daily thoughts to daily photographs - well instagram photos (until I get a job and splurge my savings on an SLR) of mostly my dog Luna, nature, my bird Pterodactyl (Terry for short), books, crafty things, nail art, food, baked goods and anything else in between... perhaps even the occasional photo of a friend, or two when I go crazy and go out in the world

This is a Journal about me... Kate, an aspiring author who just wants to live a little... sporadically, and determined to do so!


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