Sunday, October 27, 2013

An uneventful, evenful day.

The title of this post could be confusing, but that's the best way to describe this certain day I'll be sharing with you.

It was just a plain old boring day in the life of Kate, it was more eventful than some yet compared to the lives of many it would be considered uneventful.

After taking my delightful monster dog Luna for a walk in the morning, mother dearest and I decided to go crazy and go shopping. Fashion lovers may be all a flutter in excitement of what to come, but sorry to disappoint, we went grocery shopping.

Exciting right! No? Well sadly I get really excited to go grocery shopping these days. I attribute this to old age and possibly boredom. But really, I just love picking out different ingredients that I can use to cook up evil concoctions and other crazy things.

First stop was the local little Growers Market in South Kincumber! It's a great little place to buy fresh vegetables grown locally or from around Australia! This is the second time we bought stuff from here, but it's amazing how much longer fresh produce lasts and tastes so so much better! I highly suggest that everyone, no matter what country go out and support their local fruit and veggie stores, you wont regret it!

Then we went and did all out other necessary shopping at this place called Coles. They rejected my job application, so I'm hating on them a bit at the moment... I'm hoping it's because I'm older than the average everyday teens they like to snap up for Christmas fill and the fact that I have no experience in retail... I'll keep telling myself that anyway! ;)

Someone is bound enough to get as desperate as me and hire me eventually... another thing I keep telling myself.

So I discovered something awesome at Coles. Star Wars Kinder Surprises! I bought a three pack, love them (the toys not the chocolate - although the chocolate is great too and I like re-living my childhood memories filled with kinder surprises) and now I really want need to collect them all! Yes sad, but they look great hanging from the end of my new corkboard! :)

As you may notice, I was a bit more excited to get them out of the chocolate over eating it. I'm not going to stop until I get them all... or, or at least R2D2!

And with that this post of an eventful, uneventful day is over. Hope you weren't overly bored!


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